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Dr. Alan Escalona, CFE

President and CEO

Pure Nectar

Dr. Alan Escalona has a medical degree but choose entrepreneurship as his vocation. He is the President and CEO of Pure Nectar Co., Inc and Fruit Magic Co., Inc., the companies he founded to promote health and wellness. In pursuit of this goal, he launched Pure Nectar Cold Pressed Juices which uses the latest technology to extract vital nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables. Now, Pure Nectar is being franchised not only locally but also internationally. In addition to that, he is also the CEO of QuickLean Laundry Franchise Corp., a premier self-service laundromat chain in the country.

Dr. Escalona was the President of the Association from 2015-2017, and became the Chairman of Association from 2017-2019.  At the helm of his leadership, he has strengthened PFA efforts to conduct more capacity-building activities for PFA members as well as bring Philippine franchise brands to overseas markets.

Currently, he is the PFA Board of Director for Governance and Ethical Standards.

Franchise Track: "Preparing for the Future: Strategies and Prospects"
(A Panel of Experts)

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