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Mr. Paul Lanquino

Owner and Managing Director

Pepa Wings

Mr. Paul Lanquino is the President and CEO of The Pepasola Food Corporation, the company behind food brands Pepa Wings, Green Bench Coffee, Frita Gourmet Fries, and Dragon City Asian Comfort Food. He is also the President and CEO of Sola Food Trading Corporation mainly doing meat importation.


Prior to Pepa Wings, he worked in various investment banking operations started as associate and later on moved up to the corporate space and later in Risk Management handling different investment banking operations sections.


Mr. Lanquino’s vision to share the flavored chicken wings concept to greater market was unwavering and grew the store from 1 bazarre space to 100 locations nationwide. 

Started from selling the product himself with his mother and a househelp, now operating in major malls with 200 employees combined in company owned branches, commissary operations and head office personnel.  His strong leadership, determination and consistent drive for growth fueled the company to grow and make an impact to the community by providing meaningful investment as well as providing job opportunities to Filipinos.

Franchisor Track: "Effective Qualifying of Would-Be Franchisees"
(A Panel of Experts)

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