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Mr. Ralph Vincent Regalado

CEO & President

Senti TechLabs, Inc.

Mr. Ralph Vincent Regalado is the CEO and President of Senti Techlabs, Inc. He is a university professor turned entrepreneur who led Senti AI, to be the Philippines’ leading Artificial Intelligence Company.


Under Mr. Regalado’s guidance, his team combines nearly three decades of academic research with deep industry experience to produce cutting-edge AI projects with meaningful impact.


Recently, he and his team partnered with the Philippines’ Department of Health to create an AI system that unifies CoVid-19 communications and policies for the whole country.


He has also established AI communities to build and empower local talent and he also travels around the world to conduct activities that empower the world to become AI-ready.


Mr. Regalado is also the awardee of the 2020 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in service by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce – Injap Sia.

Technology Track: "How AI Will Change Your Business"
(A Panel of Experts)

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