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Franchise Asia Philippines International Conference 2023

June 7-8, 2023 (Wed-Fri)
SMX Convention Center, Manila

Program Agenda

Day 1 Plenary Sessions:
•    Keynote Presentations 
•    The Future of Franchising 
•    Consumer Behavior Trends in 2023 and Beyond
•    The Great Debate Forum:  Aggregators vs In-House:  How to Serve Your Customers Better  (A Panel of Experts)
•    The Future of Digital World and Its Impact on SMEs (A Panel of Experts)
•    The CEO Forum: Franchising Fast Forward ( A Panel of Experts) 

Day 2 Concurrent Breakout Sessions: 

AM Track Sessions: 
•    The Great Debate Forum:  “Traditional vs Non-Traditional Locations:  

     Where to Expand Your Business”  (A Panel of Experts)
•    Data Track:  “Storing, Managing and Utilizing Your Data for Decision-Making” (A Panel of Experts)
•    Franchise Track:  “Preparing For the Future:  Strategies and Prospects (A Panel of Experts)
•    Franchisee Track:  “Best Practices on How to Increase Revenues” (A Panel of Experts)
•    Legal Track: “How to Protect Your Brand: IP, Trademark, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy” (A Panel of Experts)
•    Marketing Track:  “Strengthening the Localized Digital Marketing”  (A Panel of Experts)

PM Track Sessions: 
•    Digital Track: “Driving Digital Innovations: How it Can Help Grow Your Business”  (A Panel of Experts)
•    Marketing Track: “Building Customer Loyalty Through CRM” (A Panel of Experts)
•    Franchise Track: “Planning Your Network Expansion” (A Panel of Experts)
•    HR Track: “HR Innovation Strategies” (A Panel of Experts)
•    Operations Track:  “Setting Up Operational Excellence Audits” A Panel of Experts)
•    Supply Chain Track:  “Managing Your Supply Chain During These Challenging Times” A Panel of Experts)


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Conference Rates

  • For 3 to 4 participants, get 5% discount

  • For 5 to 9 participants, get 1 additional free registrant

  • For every 10 participants, get 2 additional free registrants

Note: Group discounts are not applicable to regional rates.