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Mr. Francis Glenn Yu

President and CEO


Mr. Francis Glenn Yu is one of the leading authorities in the Philippine petroleum and energy sector. With a career spanning three decades at SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. where he currently serves as CEO, Mr. Yu has been instrumental in steering SEAOIL’s growth within the downstream oil industry.


Under his leadership, SEAOIL has evolved from its humble beginnings to boasting a retail network of over 800 stations and a fuel storage capacity of over 440 million liters across 13 terminals nationwide. In 2022, SEAOIL climbed to the 21st rank in BusinessWorld’s Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines.


Mr. Yu has also been a driving force in empowering Filipino entrepreneurs through franchising. Since SEAOIL went into retailing in 1997, the company hasn’t only expanded its retail network but has also empowered aspiring business owners by offering them the opportunity to become SEAOIL franchisees. Mr. Yu's commitment to fostering local entrepreneurship has helped create jobs for more Filipinos, demonstrating his dedication to making a meaningful impact on the community through accessible business opportunities. He envisions fueling Filipinos to a brighter tomorrow by delivering quality products and services, and more importantly, through responsible stewardship.


Mr. Yu’s leadership philosophy emphasizes fostering a culture of continuous growth and empowerment within SEAOIL, where leadership and compassion for each other are cultivated among employees to drive the company and its stakeholders forward.


In addition to his corporate achievements, Mr. Yu has received numerous awards for his contributions to the energy sector such as being recognized as one of the MVP Bossings in 2013 and being a finalist at the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines.

Mr. Francis Glenn Yu

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