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Mr. Greg Camacho

Director for Deliveries
(GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabKitchen)

Grab Philippines

Mr. Greg Camacho is the Director for Deliveries (GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabKitchen) in thePhilippines, overseeing operations and ensuring that Grab’s suite of delivery services remains tobe a sustainable and dynamic marketplace for every consumer, merchant, and delivery-partner.

The business wunderkind also actively maintains the leadership position of Grab Deliveries inthe Philippines by continuously enhancing the platform’s user experience, widening its productand service offerings, and empowering its tens of thousands of partners on the platform.

His passion for supporting homegrown startups and Filipino MSMEs propelled Grab’s deliveryservices to be the most preferred online food and everyday essentials platform in thePhilippines. As Director for Deliveries, Mr. Camacho’s goal is to champion the growth and success of Filipino MSMEs by providing them with the right tools, solutions, and support programs to grow their businesses online and offline - even during tough economic conditions.

Prior to joining Grab Philippines, Mr. Camacho enjoyed a high-flying career in tech and finance. Heobtained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Oxford’s Saïd BusinessSchool -- graduating with distinction in 2016, and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)charterholder.

Mr. Greg Camacho

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