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Mr. Toby Claudio


Toby's Sports

Mr. Toby Claudio is a household name in the Philippines, especially among those who enjoy sports. That’s because his name is on the sign of the biggest sports chain in the Philippines, Toby’s Sports, which was named after him.


Since he joined the family business, he has contributed to the Quorum Group’s rapid growth which now has interests in retail, distribution and real estate. From only 13 stores when he came on board, their group now has a total of 69 physical stores around the country plus 3 e-commerce storefronts.


He was the brainchild behind Toby’s Arena, the country’s first interactive sports store.  He is also the creator of the first world-class running specialty store in the Philippines, called RUNNR. Equipped with cutting edge technology to analyze customer’s foot type and running gait it is acknowledged as one of the best running stores in the world today.


On top of their physical expansion, he spearheaded their foray into e-commerce as early as 2010. Their websites, and have seen exponential growth especially during the pandemic and have continued to grow. is already one of the most visited websites in the Philippines today.


Their most recent venture is urbanAthletics, a sports lifestyle store inspired by sneaker culture. All three stores have received distinctions as a Most Outstanding Filipino Retailer with Toby’s also winning Outstanding Filipino Franchise by the Philippine Franchise Association. In recognition of his accomplishments as a Retail Innovator, he was a recipient of the Young Market Masters Award for Business Development in 2008.

Mr. Toby Claudio

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