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Ms. Maria Teresa "Matec" Villanueva

Director for Marketing and Communications

Ateneo de Manila University

Ms. Matec Villanueva currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Ateneo de Manila University and stands as a steady figure in the marketing and communications industry with over 38 years’ experience.


She began at Basic Advertising, learning and sharpening the basics of strategic thinking, consumer insights, and client satisfaction from industry legends like Tony Mercado, Minyong Ordoñez and Nonoy Gallardo.


Handling J&J Philippines, and Philacor at McCann Erickson, further honed her skills, and nurtured her passion for effective advertising.


As CEO of Publicis Manila, she focused on protecting and growing the businesses of Milo, Bear Brand, Nescafe, Nestea and Nido. Mr. Villanueva also mentored next-generation agency talents ensuring the values and practice of strategic thinking and effective consumer-insighting remain.

Ms. Maria Teresa "Matec" Villanueva

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