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Ms. Suyin Soon

Partner, Leader of Consumer Marketing Practice in Southeast Asia

McKinsey and Company

Ms. Suyin Soon is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s office in Singapore. She is also the leader of the Marketing and Sales practice for South-East Asia. 

She leads Consumer Sales Excellence for Asia and works with clients in the consumer space, including agriculture, food and beverage, beauty, and electronics. She frequently advises on issues related to strategy and marketing, such as market entry, go-to-market, portfolio and growth strategy, and commercial transformations. 

Before working for McKinsey & Company, she was working as a Head of Strategy and Product or for Southeast Asia.

One of the many recent projects highlights that she developed the commercial transformation for an FMCG company where she redesigned the go-to-market approach in 10 countries, supported the roll-out of new go-to-market, revamped distributer trade terms, and product brand-price architecture fit to the market. 

She has also developed the entry and go-to-market strategy for entry into the food protein value chain in a Southeast Asian country and developed export growth and go-to-market strategies for 15 consumer companies in Southeast Asia. She has also developed the growth strategy for a global MNC beauty in Asia.

Additionally, she has conducted the due diligence of a Southeast Asian dairy manufacturer, evaluating long-term dairy trends in the country, and synergies from improvement in a go-to-market transformation. 

She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and received first class with honors in Masters of Engineering in Electrical and Information Sciences from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. 

Ms. Suyin Soon

Knowing Your Future Consumer: Trends, Insights and Forecasts

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