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Ms. Cristina Montinola

Franchise and Export Manager


Ms. Cristina Montinola is the Franchsie & Export Manager of Suyen Corporation, the mother company of Bench, the country’s leading lifestyle and apparel brand. She is in charge of growing Bench through franchising and distribution in the Philippines and abroad, and currently handles 25 stores in the Philippines and 13 stores in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Myanmar.


Among her other roles for Bench is growing the brand through Ecommerce as the brand’s PIC for one of the leading international marketplaces, Lazada. She is responsible for Bench’s success in LazMall, having been awarded in 2021 and 2022, as the Top Fashion Brand of the Year for Men’s Category and Women’s Fashion, respectively.

International Track: “What it Takes Your Brand to Go Global”

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