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Ms. Jennifer Gail M. Kim, CFE

Senior Network Head - Network Management

Minute Burger and BBQ Bob

With over two decades of professional experience, leading a corporate team in Marketing Franchise and Sales Operations Management and Business Development.  Ms. Jennifer Gail M.  Kim is responsible for Minute Burger's exponential growth in the franchising industry and for expanding the new brand, BBQ Bob.

As the Senior Network Manager, she leads the Business Development Department and Sales Operations, developing new business models for expansion to offer more profitability and ensuring that existing Franchisees be engaged in the system by creating programs to sustain their franchising business.

And despite her very busy schedule in corporate life, she is happily married and a cool mom of three boys and she still makes sure to spend time with the family.

Franchisor Tracks (For Established/Mature Franchisors): "Leveraging on Digitalization to Drive Franchise Success and Sustainability"

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