Mr. Mark Dixon

Founder and CEO

International Workplace Group

Mark Dixon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Workplace Group and is one of Europe's best known entrepreneurs. Since founding the Regus Group in 1989, he has achieved a formidable reputation for leadership and innovation. A recipient of several awards for enterprise, Mark has revolutionised the way business approaches its property needs with his vision of the future of work.

Mark founded the business in 1989 in Brussels and with Regus as the pioneering brand that sparked the start of a global industry. Over the next thirty years the industry grew rapidly, with many new players entering this global marketplace with Regus, and now IWG, as the leading player, adapting to local and global changes in economic climates and cycles. Now, it is in more than 120 countries and is continually expanding its footprint.

With 3,500 buildings globally spanning brands including Spaces, Regus, Signature and HQ, IWG is located in every major town, city and transport hub worldwide, so start-ups, global companies, and every business in-between can work wherever they need.

Under Mark’s leadership, IWG aims on expanding its network, mostly by franchise, to provide a flexible workspace in every village, town and city. IWG is already working with over 80% of the Fortune 500 and counts businesses including Amazon, Netflix, EY and Uber amongst its customers.

It would be easy to assume that the shift we’re seeing in the way people work, away from a shared physical environment to wherever is most convenient and productive has been driven entirely by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But that assumption would be wrong. The pandemic has certainly had a dramatic and permanent effect, but it’s merely accelerated a trend that’s been underway for several years, as organisations progressively move to a ‘hybrid’ way of working: at home, a local office and occasionally at a corporate HQ and Mark was one of the earliest proponents of this burgeoning trend.

Mr. Mark Dixon

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