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Mr. Alexis Bernardino, PECE, ECE

Chief Cybersecurity Evangelist and Head Cybersecurity Product Management, ePLDT

Field CISO and Head Enterprise Consulting Practice, PLDT Enterprise

Mr. Alexis Bernardino, PECE, ECE possesses over two decades of expertise in cybersecurity and telecommunications infrastructure where he has assumed pivotal roles in various Philippine companies, spearheading initiatives to fortify architecture and implement comprehensive Cyber Practice methodologies against evolving threats.


Internationally acclaimed, Mr. Bernardino has earned accolades such as the 11th PFPA (Philippine Federation of Professional Associations) Distinction Award for Private Practice in Cybersecurity. He serves as a Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert for PLDT Enterprise, advising the Philippine government through PSAC (Private Sector Advisory Council) on Digital Transformation and cybersecurity strategies.


Moreover, he chairs the Cybersecurity Committee for Telecommunications Connectivity, Inc. (TCI), playing a leading role in the nationwide implementation of Mobile Number Portability. He is also the 1st Filipino Board Director and Vice President of FFTH (Fiber to the Home) Council Asia-Pacific and has been invited to share insights on infrastructure and cybersecurity challenges at prestigious events across the globe.

Technology Track: "Safeguarding Your Data: Cybersecurity Best Practices"

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