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Franchise Asia Conference
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2-3 September 2024
International Franchise Conference


Franchise Asia Philippines International Conference 2024 is specially-curated to present a powerful program featuring highly empowering sessions, superb insightful presentations and exciting thought-provoking discussions to help explore, expand, and excel your businesses.

Event Highlights
  • 25 Highly Empowering and Educational Sessions

  • 20 Concurrent Area-Focused Tracks

  • 25 Peer-to-Peer Business Solution Roundtables 

  • 60+ World Class Speakers, Industry Experts and Roundtable Facilitators

  • Unparalleled Learning and Networking Opportunities

  • A Special Session on the NxtGen in Franchising Competition

2024 Conference Topics

as of June 14, 2024

September 2, Day 1 Business Solution Roundtables:

Round 1: 8:30am-9:30am (60 min): 25+ Roundtables

Break: 9:30am-9:45am 

Round 2: 9:45am-10:45am (60 min): 25+ Roundtables

Featuring wide-array of relevant topics covering the following tracks:

  • FRANCHISOR TRACKS: (For Emerging and Start-up Franchises)

  • FRANCHISOR TRACKS:  (For Mature and Established Franchises)



September 2, Day 1 Conference: Plenary Sessions: 

•    Keynote Presentation
•    Knowing Your Future Consumer: Trends, Insights and Forecasts 
•    The Great Debate Forum:  Celebrity Endorsers or Social Media Influencers: Which is Better for Your Brand (A Panel of Experts)
•    The Franchise Forum: Empowerment Through Franchising: Explore . Expand . Excel (A Panel of Experts)
•    The C-Suite Forum:  Transformational Leadership: Taking the Business to the Next Level  (A Panel of Experts

September 3, Day 2 Conference Concurrent Breakout Sessions

TRACK SESSIONS: (Tracks arranged by Alpha)


Data Track:  Driving Data for Decision-Making (A Panel of Experts)

  • How to utilize data to make better decisions/ to come up with a data-driven decision-making 

  • Be updated with what’s happening in your stores, sales and inventory level / Business Analytics


Franchisor Track:  Protecting Your Brand in Franchising

  • What are the essentials of intellectual property rights?

  • How to put value on your own Intellectual Property in Franchising: What are the strategies?


General Track:  Upskilling for Personal and Professional Growth (A Panel of Experts)

  • What important skills do I need to develop in leadership, management and communication for me to grow and sustain my business?

  • How to scale up your personal and business acumen as an entrepreneur to stay relevant and remain competitive


Operations Track:  Finding the Right Location (A Panel of Experts) 

  • How do I pick the right and best location as I expand my franchise business

  • What are the criteria and strategies in site selection? Location can either make or break the success of a business.


Technology Track:  Applying Generative AI in Your Business

  • How to harness the power of AI to scale up your business in terms of achieving operational efficiency, increasing productivity and sales, and providing better customer experience.

Digital Marketing Track:  Growing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

  • How can digital marketing tools help me grow and expand my business?

  • What social media platforms should I use?   EG: SEM, SEO, META, IG, TIK-TOK, or Google search marketing?


Franchisor Track:  Effective Qualifying of Would-Be Franchisees (A Panel of Experts)

  • What are the lessons learned and success stories in selecting franchisees?


General Track:  Understanding Financial Statements and Taxation for Non-Accountants

  • What are the various elements that comprise financial statement, including their nature, classification, measurement and presentation?

  • What are the concept and procedures in filing the proper tax in order to be compliant and avoid future tax problems?


Operations Track: Optimizing Resources in Stores Operations (A Panel of Experts)

  • How to minimize pilferage cases and learn tips on loss prevention in the stores

  • What are best practices and strategies to keep pilferage down?


Technology Track:  Enterprise 5G Technology: The Next Big Thing in Connectivity

  • Learn the latest innovation of Enterprise 5G and know how it will help grow your business


Franchisor Track:  Scaling Up Your Franchise Business (A Panel of Experts)

  • When is the right time to grow and scale up your franchise? When to start to expand?

  • What does it take?  What and how to prepare for it?


General Track: Accelerating The Sustainability Journey for a Competitive Edge

  • Embracing Sustainability Practices for Long-Term Benefits and Competitive Advantage for your Business 

  • Cite some example of Sustainability Initiatives to further grow the business


International Track:  Expanding Internationally

  • How to grow and multiply your outlets in international markets

  • What are lessons learned and best practices in international expansion


Marketing Track: Marketing Strategies to Drive and Boost Sales (A Panel of Experts)

  • Developing marketing strategies catering to both in-store and digital customers to help drive and boost sales

Technology Track: Safeguarding Your Data: Cybersecurity Best Practices

  • What are the cybersecurity issues and the best practices for safeguarding data in your business?

  • How can SMES protect their business from cyber threats and other malicious hacking?


General Track:  Practicing Social Responsibility in the Franchise System

  • What are the ethical business practices in franchising? Social responsibility of the franchisor and franchisee in the franchise system


General Track:  Strengthening Risk Management in Business and Why is it Important?

  • What are practical strategies in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks in the business?


Legal Track:  Winning Franchise Relationships through ADR

  • Learn what alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is and how it works in different forms and what are the advantages?

  • Provisions on dispute resolutions in the franchise agreement


HR Track:  Hiring, Empowering and Retaining Your Best People

  • How to hire the suitable people for your business.

  • How to empower and retain your best people

  • What are the labor market trends


Marketing Track: Marketing Strategies to Drive and Boost Sales (A Panel of Experts)

  • Developing marketing strategies catering to both in-store and digital customers to help drive and boost sales

2024 Conference Rates


  • For 5 to 9 participants, get 1 additional free registrant.

  • For every 10 participants, get 2 additional free registrants.

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