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Franchise Asia Philippines International Conference 2023

June 7-8, 2023 (Wed-Thurs)
SMX Convention Center, Manila

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This year’s theme Franchising Fast Forward focuses on preparing franchised organizations for the future and moving your business forward for growth.


Meet the Franchising Industry Icons at the CEO Forum on Franchising Fast Forward to share thought leadership on how they are preparing their companies and brands to the future and move fast forward in a rapidly-changing environment.

Featuring CEO Panelists Victor Paterno (7-Eleven), Joseph Tanbuntiong (Jollibee Foods Corp.), Kenneth Yang (McDonald’s Phils), and Robert Trota (Max’s Group, Inc).

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Time: June 07, Wed: 8:00AM-5:30PM | June 08, Thurs: 9:00AM-4:00PM

Location: SMX Convention Center, Manila

​Notes: Registration starts at 7:00AM


Event Highlights

7 Highly-Dynamic and Curated Plenary Sessions


12 Engaging Concurrent Area-Focused Track Sessions 

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30+ Peer-to-Peer Business Roundtable Discussions 


70+ World Class Speakers, Industry Experts and Facilitators 

Conference Topics

June 7, Day 1 Conference: Plenary Sessions: 

    Keynote Address by Hon Secretary Benjamin Diokno, Department of Finance 
•    The Future of Franchising 
•    Consumer Behavior Trends in 2023 and Beyond
•    The Great Debate Forum:  Aggregators vs In-House:  How to Serve Your Customers Better       (A Panel of Experts) 
•    The Future of Digital World and Its Impact on SMEs (A Panel of Experts)
•    The CEO Forum:  Franchising Fast Forward (A Panel of Experts)


June 7, Day 1 Business Roundtable Discussions 

1.    Building Your Franchise Support Team
2.    Creating a Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy
3.    Creating Healthy Franchise Relationships
4.    How to Improve and Ensure Franchise Compliance to the System
5.    Latest Strategies in Finding A Right Location
6.    Latest Tools to Help Franchisees Comply with the Standards
7.    Onboarding Franchisees and Protecting Your Franchise Brand
8.    Targeting the Right Candidates for your Franchise


1.    Building a High Performing Organizational Culture
2.    Building a Stronger and More Sustainable Franchise Business
3.    How to Boost and Retain Win-Win Franchise Relationships
4.    Key Elements of a Successful Franchise Business
5.    Leveraging on Digitalization to Drive Franchise Success and Sustainability
6.    Managing Effectively Your Multi-Unit Franchisees
7.    Managing Effectively Your Multi-Unit Franchisees
8.    Strategies to Achieve Brand Consistency in a Franchise
9.    Tips for Dealing with Difficult Franchisees
10.    Tips to Future-Proofing Your Franchise Business
11.    Tips to Improve Franchise Management and Growth
12.    Ways to Deal and Manage Underperforming Franchisees



1.    Building High-Performing Employees
2.    Financial Management Tools for Better Performance
3.    How to Manage Multiple Franchise Units Successfully
4.    Identifying the Key Drivers of Store Profitability
5.    Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies To Store Profitability
6.    Increasing Productivity and Passion in the Workplace
7.    Keeping Your Employee Motivated, Happy and Productive
8.    Proper Financial and Operational Planning to Improve Profitability
9.    What it takes to be a Successful Multi-Unit Franchisee


1.    Common Mistakes in International Expansion: How To Avoid Them
2.    What it Takes Your Brand to Go Global


1.    Digital Tools and Solutions to Improve Your Business Operations
2.    How to Get Customer Retention, Engagement and Loyalty
3.    How to Make Social Media Marketing Strategies Work For You
4.    Hybrid Work Model: How Do We Make It Work?
5.    Social Media Marketing Best Practices

June 8, Day 2 Conference Concurrent Breakout Sessions

AM Concurrent Breakout Sessions (A Panel of Experts)

 1.    The Great Debate Forum:  Traditional vs Non-Traditional Locations:  Where to Expand Your Business 
2.    Data Track:  Storing, Managing and Utilizing Your Data for Decision-Making
3.    Franchise Track: Preparing for the Future:  Strategies and Prospects
4.    General Track:  Future Workplace Trends to Watch For 
5.    Legal Track: How to Protect Your Brand: IP, Trademark, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
6.    Technology Track: How AI Will Change Your Business 

PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions (A Panel of Experts)
7.    Digital Track: Driving Digital Innovations: How it Can Help Grow Your Business 
8.    Franchise Track: Planning Your Network Expansion
9.    HR Track: HR Innovation Strategies
10.    Marketing Track:  Customer Engagement Strategies To Brand Loyalty 
11.     Operations Track:  Setting Up Operational Excellence Audits
12.    Supply Chain Track:   Managing Your Supply Chain During These Challenging Times

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Conference Rates

  • For 3 to 4 participants, get 5% discount

  • For 5 to 9 participants, get 1 additional free registrant

  • For every 10 participants, get 2 additional free registrants

Note: Group discounts are not applicable to regional rates.