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Ms. Hsien Naidu


TreeAMS Pte Ltd, Singapore

Having been in the Franchise Sector for over 20 years, Ms. Hsien Naidu has been integral in the regional growth of SMEs from across varying industries from F&B, Retail, Education, Logistics and Service sectors.


In recent years, she has focused on leveraging technology to accelerate the growth and operations management of growing franchise organizations like A&W, Old Town White Coffee, Spartans Boxing Club, Jal Yoga and many more. TreeAMS was built out of a desire to bring quality business operations management tools to help franchisors manage all the key performance areas of their business on one single platform.


As a Senior Certified Practicing Management Consultant, ACTA Certified Trainer, Certified Franchise Executive, Business Excellence and Certified IP Consultant, Hsien is committed to making franchise operations management technology accessible, affordable and easy to use so that every company can leverage technology to grow their business no matter how big or small.

Operations Track: "Setting Up Operational Excellence Audits"
(A Panel of Experts)

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