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Ms. Kathryna Manalo, CFE

International Markets Director

Potato Corner

Ms. Kathryna Manalo, CFE is the International Markets Director of the Potato Corner International Markets Group.  She brings with her 27-years’ experience in strategic business development in various verticals:  International franchise management, Consumer food service, Information Technology (ERP), Telecommunications and Retail & Consumer Banking.


She spearheaded the opening of Singapore as the brand’s international hub in the global market.  Under her leadership in the International Markets Group, she expanded the global presence of Potato Corner in the Americas (Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba), EMEA (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom), Asia (Myanmar and China) and Oceania (New Zealand and Western Australia). Today, Potato Corner has over 1400 stores across 5 continents in 15 countries.


Ms. Manalo graduated from St Scholastica's College in Manila with a degree in Marketing.She pursued her studies earning a Master in Business Administration at Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business and recently earned her Master in Entrepreneurship in the same Graduate School.  She is also a Certified Franchise Executive.

International Track: “Common Mistakes in International Expansion: How To Avoid Them”

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