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Mr. John-Michael Hilton

Founder & CEO

Visum Ventures, Inc. (Koomi)

Mr. John-Michael Hilton is the Founder and Chief Executive Offier of Visum Ventures, Inc., a food and beverage company with a vast portfolio of food and retail brands that grew its footprints during the pandemic.


Mr. Hilton started his career in hospitality at the young age of 13, rising from the ranks. His love for the food and travels inspired him to develop menus, in collaboration with his team. He was also influence by Sydney, Australia which is known for its vibrant food scene since he was raised there before returning in the Philippines last 2016 to take over in managing his father’s businesses.


It was in 2019 while exploring Sydney that he became curious about Koomi, impressed by the long queue of people patiently waiting to be served. His first sips of the yogurt drink got him hooked and decide to bring the brand to the Philippines. That was how Koomi and Visum Ventures started.


Mr. Hilton is a values-driven entrepreneur who believes in authentic servant leadership. He serves on the Board of the Autralia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines.

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