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Ms. Jackie Dela Cruz

General Manager

Famous Belgian Waffles

Ms. Jackie Dela Cruz is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in the Energy industry, having held significant roles at Shell, with assignments in the Philippines and abroad where she demonstrated a consistent ability to drive strategic initiatives, lead high-performing and diverse teams, and manage complex operations on a multinational scale.


In 2020, Ms. Dela Cruz has successfully taken on the role of General Manager for Famous Belgian Waffles, a fast-growing franchise food business owned by her mentor and brother, Euclid Cezar and family. Under her leadership, the company has seen substantial growth, increased revenue, and enhanced operational efficiency. Her expertise in change management, strategic planning, and business development has been pivotal in positioning Famous Belgian Waffles for continued success, including international expansion.


In her current role, Jackie focuses on Operational Excellence. Her strategic approach includes implementing advanced systems, fostering a culture of accountability among staff, and leveraging data analytics to identify and mitigate risk areas. Her hands-on experience in both the energy and food industries equips her with a unique perspective on operational efficiency and resource optimization, making her an excellent speaker on this critical topic.

Operations Track: "Optimizing Resources in Stores Operations"
(A Panel of Experts)

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