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Mr. Terence Neil S. Padrique


Terraganics Inc. / The Lemon Co.

Mr. Terence Neil Padrique is the owner and CEO of The Lemon Co., a flourishing enterprise with over 46 branches across the Philippines, predominantly in the Visayas Region.


His entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 alongside his late wife, Ms. Pearl, and their twins, with a modest cart inside a grocery store in Cebu. Through Mr. Padrique’s dynamic leadership, The Lemon Co, has grown steadily, evolving from a small start-up into a well-respected brand known for its refreshing and innovative lemon-based beverages and products. Today, The Lemon Co. boasts 10 company-owned outlets, with the remaining branches operating as franchises. Terence’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has been crucial in the company's success, driving its expansion and reputation for excellence.


In 2022, Mr. Padrique joined the Philippine Franchise Association to further expand the business,

leveraging the network and resources of the association to drive growth and innovation. He is also

a distinguished member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Cebu, actively

contributing to the local business community and engaging in various philanthropic activities.

General Track: "Upskilling for Personal and Professional Growth"
(A Panel of Experts)

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