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Mr. Troy Franklin

Managing Partner

World Franchise Associates Ltd.

Mr. Troy Franklin has been Managing Partner and Director of the World Franchise Associates (WFA) since 2014. He has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in senior executive positions in international franchising and business development working directly with and consulting for both franchisors and master franchisees across the various sectors of the franchise industry including F&B, retail and services.


Mr. Franklin’s experience spans across more than 70 countries and multiple regions including extensive experience in the Asia Pacific Region and across the Indian Sub-Continent, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa.


Since 2014 Mr. Franklin has been a Partner & Director of World Franchise Associates (WFA) where he has been instrumental in helping WFA expand into the Asia Pacific Region and in guiding the company and launching new programs and initiatives. He has also played a key role in recruiting new clients and in supporting existing WFA clients with their international development initiatives worldwide. Mr. Franklin has spoken at leading franchise expos and events internationally and his broad experience and exposure lends itself to his presentation topics which are founded on his real-world experience.

Franchise Track: "Planning Your Network Expansion"
(A Panel of Experts)

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