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Ms. Angeline Gaffud

Marketing Director

WenPhil Corporation (Wendy's)

Ms. Angeline Gaffud is the Marketing Director for one of the world’s most loved iconic burger chains, Wendy’s Hamburgers, leading the marketing growth initiatives during the pandemic period with the launch of unique product offers, aggressive expansion to delivery segment and e-commerce platforms, and assisted in the opening of new lean model stores to bring Wendy’s closer to the doors of its customers.


She has over 12 years of marketing experience across different industries such as FMCG, with companies including URC, Unilever and 3M Philippines, and another 8 years growing international QSR brands such as Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, BonChon Chicken and Seattle’s Best Coffee. Her depth of consumer understanding spans across food, health, beauty and wellness industries.


Often faced with shoestring budget, she is passionate about discovering unconventional ideas to engage with the new customer. She believes that better fast-food experience is entirely achievable.


As an advocate of personal and emotional wellness, she maintains that unlocking the team’s untapped potential is the ultimate key for growth.

Marketing Track: "Marketing Strategies to Drive and Boost Sales"
(A Panel of Experts)

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