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Mr. Gretz Florencio G. Rivera, CFE

Chief Operations Officer

Julie's Group of Companies

Mr. Gretz Florencio G. Rivera, CFE has 36 years of extensive experience in strategic planning, business development, marketing and franchising spanning various industries such as power generation, petroleum, food service and food manufacturing.


He was responsible for strategic expansion of Max’s group locally and its entry into the middle east market.


Leading the success of brands such as Power Systems Inc., Seaoil, Max’s Restaurant, Max’s International, Max’s Corner Bakery, Pancake House and Popeyes, He continues to spearhead the success and growth of another proudly homegrown brand through Julie’s as its Chief Operating Officer.

Franchisor Track (For Established/Matured Franchisors): “Tips to Future-Proofing Your Franchise Business”

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