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Virtual Franchise Conference

September 20-22 (Tuesday - Thursday)


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Event Highlights

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20+ Highly-compelling and curated educational sessions

  • Keynote Addresses 

  • Plenary Speaker Presentations

  • The C-Suite Forum: A One-on-One Conversation with a C-Level Expert

  •  Concurrent Breakout Track Sessions

Virtual Conference 2021 (5)

20+ Most Influential Speakers and World-Class Experts


20+ Concurrent Breakout Networking Sessions with Allied Service Providers 

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A Special Session on the NxtGen in Franchising: Competition and Awarding Ceremonies 

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Keynote Address:  Outlook, Forecast and Prospects on the Country’s Landscape 

Plenary Presentations: Global Updates, Trends and Opportunities, Innovation Breakthroughs, Reinvention

The C-Suite Forum:  Thought Leadership, Visionary Leadership, Inspirational 

Breakout Track Sessions:  Area-focused Operational Topics 

Breakout Networking Sessions with Allied Services:  Latest Business Solutions, Products and Services in the Market 

NxtGen in Franchising Philippines 2022 Competition is a nationwide search for the future stars in Philippine franchising.  

It aims:
• To discover fresh and novel highly franchiseable businesses nationwide; and, 
• To create a talent pipeline for future franchise brands by engaging and educating the next generation of entrepreneurs on the benefits of franchising


Conference Topics

As of June 30, 2022  (The program agenda, sessions and topics is still subject to change)


The Future of CX

  • New Trends in Consumer Behavior and what’s the New Customer Expectations

Powering Up Your Franchise Growth 

  • Latest Opportunities and Best Practices for Sustainable Franchise Growth and Success.

What's Next in DIGITAL to Grow Exponentially  

  • Digital is the Future:  How it can help businesses grow exponentially 

HR in the New Era of Work 

  • Leading the organization and your teams  in the new era of working environment

Virtual Conference 2020 (16)
Virtual Conference 2020 (16)

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Virtual Conference 2021 (7)
Virtual Conference 2021 (7)

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Virtual Conference 2021 (4)
Virtual Conference 2021 (4)

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THE C-SUITE FORUM: A One-on-One Conversation with a C-Level Expert

Reimagining The Future of Business

  • Pioneering on Breakthroughs/Innovative/Bold projects

  • Conglomerate Diversification Strategies

Growing Through Merger and Acquisition 

  • Sharing The Journey:  The Biggest Challenges and the Greatest Strengths of Merger and Acquisitions 

Risk Mitigation and Disaster Relief/Preparedness  

  • Why Disaster Relief is not only relevant but important to the franchising sector and its constituents.  Why it’s good to be a strong advocate for it.

What’s Your Competitive Advantage from the Other Landlords 

  • How to Differentiate Your Company from the Other Landlords

  • Sharing a Unique Experience In Developing Community Malls 



Date: September 21, Wednesday  (Day 2 Conference)
Time 9:00AM-11:30AM 













DIGITAL TRACK:  How Cryptocurrencies Can Affect Retail

  • What’s the future of cryptocurrencies in the Phil market

FRANCHISEE TRACK:  Strategies To Franchising Success                              

  • What strategies worked for you to grow and succeed amidst challenges? Is it omni-channel strategies, multi-unit franchising, financial management, and others

HR TRACK: Skills Set for the Future Economy 

  • What are skills set needed for the future of work 

  • Skills and Academe Matching: How academe is preparing its graduates to suit the needs of the industry

LEADERSHIP TRACK:  How to Create “Moats” to Ward Off Competition

  • How to start building a sustainable competitive advantage of your business to protect market share and profitability

OPERATIONS TRACK: Managing Remotely 

  • How to successfully manage your business/stores remotely: Best Practices and Strategies

OPERATIONS TRACK:  Grow Your Business by Finding the Right Locations

  • What are the latest tools and techniques in site selection amidst the evolving and new customer profiles

RETAIL TRACK:  Maximizing Omni-Channel Retailing

  • Maximizing your physical and digital store operations and how to balance it 

SUPPLY CHAIN TRACK: Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions 

  • How to manage supply chain disruptions and come up with an efficient supply chain system from manufacturing, to the outlets and to your customers.


Without the boundaries of physical space, this virtual networking is at its best!   Getting updated with the latest business solutions and state-of-the-art products and services in the market is essential to stay ahead of the curve.  Definitely, this activity provides an excellent venue to be connected with your prospective service providers for any possible business partnerships.

Round 1 Tracks
Round 2 Tracks
Round 3 Tracks
Breakout Room 1
FRANCHISEE TRACK: Strategies To Franchising Success (Food Sector)
LEADERSHIP TRACK: How to Create “Moats” to Ward Off Competition
FRANCHISEE TRACK: Strategies To Franchising Success (Retail or Service Sector)
Breakout Room 2
RETAIL TRACK: Maximizing Omni-Channel Retailing
OPERATIONS TRACK: Managing Remotely
OPERATIONS TRACK: Finding the Right Locations
Breakout Room 3
HR TRACK: Skills Set for the Future Economy
SUPPLY CHAIN TRACK: Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions
DIGITAL TRACK: How Cryptocurrencies Can Affect Retail
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Conference Rates

Members Rate
Non-PFA Members Rate
Package 1: Up to 5 attendees
PHP 15,000
PHP 20,000
Package 2: Up to 10 attendees
PHP 25,000
PHP 32,500
Package 3: Up to 20 attendees
PHP 40,000
PHP 60,000
Package 4: Up to 30 attendees
PHP 50,000
PHP 65,000
Package 5: Up to 50 attendees
PHP 65,000
PHP 80,000
Package 6: Unlimited attendees
PHP 80,000
PHP 120,000
Group Packages:
International: Early Bird (until Aug 31)
USD 85
International: Regular Rate
USD 130
CFE Enrollee Rate
PHP 2,500
Early Bird (until Aug 31)
PHP 3,500
PHP 4,250
Super Early Bird (until Jul 31)
PHP 2,500
PHP 3,250
Regular Rate
PHP 5,000
PHP 6,500